Bench Top Equipments

Becelec II


The Becelec electric burner offers a unique replacement option to conventional gas bunsen burners. The high power heater combined with a reflective internal stainless steel bowl produces a concentrated stream of heat comparable with that of existing gas powered bunsen burners. A wire safety guard is included and optional ‘flame gel’ and stainless steel plate allow for a safely controlled flame when required (not included).

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Round Desicccators


Durable Vacuum Desiccators (Transparent models)

  • Offer reliable vacuum condition: Desiccators holds -0.1 Mpa for 72 hours.
  • Fitted with an airtight silicon gasket to maintain a tight vacuum seal without the use of any grease.

Cubic Dessicators


Four multi-shelved stackable cubic desiccators which are made from highly transparent, non-corrosive and shatter-proof Polycarbonate. The internal volumes range from 11 up to 45 litres with between 2 and 6 shelves, (model dependent) and this significantly enhances the storage capacity of the desiccators.

Each unit is available in smoked acrylic to block UV light which facilitates the safe storage of light sensitive products without the risk of discolouration

Electric Aspirators


The VE-11 aspirator creates a vacuum using an aspirator pump that is dependent on the vapor pressure of water, a function of temperature. Ideal for rotary vacuum evaporators, decompressing distillatories, vacuum dryers, and vacuum filtering units.

Extraction Mantles


The EAM series of Multiposition (Extraction) Mantles are designed to heat between 3 and 6 round bottom flasks (from 50ml to 1000ml) simultaneously. They are often used for extraction, but may be used wherever heating of multiple flasks is required. Independant temperature control ensures optimal performance and safety. 

Flask Support


A concave recessed, secure, and safe multi-volume flask holder (100ml to 2000ml) ensures the safety for a variety of different flask shapes.

  • Convenient grip for easy carrying.
  • Recognisable name tag for classification.
  • Multi-purpose holder is also able to hold ice.

Heating Mantles


Flexible heating element ensures minimum risk of flask breakage.

These controlled and grounded electromantles feature a built-in power regulator and safety earth (ground) screen.
The replaceable coiled heating element is suspended within a thermal insulating cartridge to provide maximum heat transfer and support. Glass fibre insulation coupled with excellent ventilation helps to keep the outer aluminium casing cool. Built-in power controller has dial markings from 1 to 10 for excellent repeatability.

Medline E-Series Mantles feature indicator lights: a green coloured "power-on" light (and switch) with an amber coloured "heater-on" light. The stainless steel grounding screen provides added protection against shock in the event of spillage or flask breakage. Available sizes are from 50ml up to 20,000ml and the digital mantles (DM-Series) include additional PID temperature controller and probe. 

Bacti Burner


The Medline Bacti-Burner is designed for “on the bench” sterilization of research microbiology tools. It has an asbestos-free core element that uses infrared heating to produce 815°C (1500°F). It completely sterilizes microorganisms within 5-7 seconds and provides instant sterilization of platinum inoculating loops, needles, glass tube/pipette mouths and various metal & borosilicate glass instruments, commonly used in microbiology research

The ceramic heating element is safely enclosed in a perforated stainless steel guard chamber, protecting users from accidental contact with the extreme temperatures of the core area. It is extremely compact, convenient and can be used in anaerobic and aerobic chambers.

Recirculating Coolers

Recirculating Coolers (Basic Type)
Providing a constant temperature control and high cooling efficiency.
  • Operating cost can be reduced by using the recirculator for cooling water.
  • It is eco-friendly and reduces energy consumption.
Low Temp. Recirculating Coolers (General Type)
Powerful recirculating coolers, the HL series provide a wide range of cooling capacities with temperature reliability.
  •   Innovative control system, with a dynamic pumping capacity, and ideal for external temperature applications.
  •   Broad range of models to choose from based on working temperature range.
Low Temp. Recirculating Coolers (Intelligent Type)
Adjustable, precise PID temperature controller beneficial for various cooling tasks, for use in the science, research, and industrial laboratories.
Innovative and exclusive controller can be adjusted the cooling capacity from 1% to 100%



A high performance range of thermocyclers with PCR technology designed for the 21st century. The combination of high specification engineering and superior system control enables powerful, fast ramping, stable temperature control with a high level of system reliability. The 'touch sensitive’ key control with LCD digital display and the universal blocks for 0.2 ml and 0.5 ml tubes result in unique ease of use. Various interchangeable blocks are available for all Medline thermocyclers.

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Ultrasonic Cleaners


Industrial B.L.T type ultrasonic transducer generates high-frequency sound waves that provides maximum cleaning power. UC / US-P types have an increased frequency range to improve cleaning ability.

Ideal for cleaning laboratory, medical instruments / industrial microbiological goods / glassware and jewels.

Vortex Mixers

  • Vortex shakers with compact design
  • Touch or continuous operation
  • Wide speed ranges 0 - 3,000rpm (Model dependant)
  • Multiple applications with additional accessories for holding microtubes, test tubes and microplates
  • Robust case with specially designed silicone feet to absorb vibration at high speeds
  • Heavy base with ultra high vibration damping
  • High sensitive touch switch mode used to reduce wrist stress.
  • Strong BLDC motor offers accurate control of speed with silent operation.
  • Low center of gravity design with a heavy base, minimizes vibration and sliding movements caused by high rpm speeds.

Water Stills


Automatic water distillers (glass or stainless steel) that supply an output of high purity water  (conductivity: 2 μS • cm-1 a 20ºC) free of metallic ions and pyrogen. The water quality is considered ASTM III/IV (laboratory grade).
In order to always obtain the maximum degree of water purity, we recommend to periodically control the quality of the water supplied to the still and to maintain the inner part of the still in good cleaning conditions.

Supplied assembled.