Laboratory Waterbaths

CW-Series Laboratory Bath Circulators


Heating Bath Circulators
External and internal circulating with powerful pumping capacity.
CW-G series is designed for controlling temperature in external instruments, or for immersion purposes. Pump has five adjustable pressure stages.

Refrigerated & Heating Bath Circulators
Rapid heating and cooling throughout the entire temperature range!
RW-G series has powerful circulation pump for external and internal circulating. The temperatures can be down to maximum -35℃ that maintain and control accurate low temperatures for use with Refractometers and Viscometers.

BW-Series Heating baths


Heating Baths (Economy)
Economical water bath series with complete temperature maintenance!
Especially BW-B/ H series has a patented agitating system that makes better temperature stability.

Heating Baths
Excellent temperature performance heating water baths for general-purpose use.
BW-G series features Microprocessor PID controls to guarantee exceptional temperature Variation and exclusive timer, programming function for critical research, quality control and regulatory testing!

BS-Series Shaking and Heating Baths


Reciprocal shaking heating baths.

BS series features a more accurate rapid shaking thanks to the noiseless and anti-vibration Brushless DC motor. The constant temperature performance keeps samples incubated, ideal for DNA, tissue, or cell culture applications.

Medline Waterbath Accessories

Accessories and additional options available Medline  series of baths & circulators required to tailor the specification to your exacting needs, dependant upon application.These include a choice of covers (PP Gable / SS Flat / SS Open-ring), test tube racks, spring wire racks, shelf adjusters  and additional suction pumps.