Laboratory Oven

OF-Series Forced Convection Laboratory Oven


Forced Convection Ovens (Economic)
Full feature performance for general purpose lab ovens.
OF-E series feature a fast drying with vertical air-flow.

Forced Convection Ovens
Intensive drying performance with a powerful air-flow.
OF-G series, quiet and with a strong air-flow for a high air exchange rate and short rise time that guarantees intensive drying performance, especially for material with high moisture content.

ON-Series Laboratory Ovens


Natural Convection Ovens (Economic)
Full features performance for general purpose lab ovens.
ON-E series is a economical warm storage up to 220℃

Natural Convection Ovens
Ideal for high temperature storage with user-friendly design
ON-G series is used for all sterilization and drying tasks that do not require high drying rates or special time requirements, ideal for drying applications requiring a gentle airflow.

OV-Series Vacuum Laboratory Oven


Optimal vacuum oven with a wide temperature range for various test applications.

OV series ovens are ideal for separating solvents from solutions without using high temperature drying and for drying solvents with high boiling points in a vacuum ovens reduces the boiling point of the solvent to make drying easy.

Medline Vacuum Laboratory Oven Accessories


Accessories for Medline Vacuum Laboratory Oven

Natural Convection Oven

Brand : DETS

Microprocess PID control / Auto-tuning/ Calibration
Corrosion-resistant incoloy sheath heater and STS #304 interior

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Gravity-flow convection with vertical airflow for uniform sample heating
Fully Insulated dual-wall door
Two circular adjustable vent Holes to control air vapor circulation


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