Camera Analysis and Software -

Digital CCD


The reproduction of finest color nuances and the visualization of smallest details due to high resolution offer the suitability of the ProgRes® microscope cameras for high-demanding analysis and reliable documentation. High image refresh rates deliver fast live-images. This simplifies working processes and allows comfortable work-flow.

The proven Microscanning-Technology offers image captures in highest resolution and in breath-taking image quality. The optionally cooled ProgRes® Research cameras in color and monochrome have been optimized for tasks in scientific areas and meet the high requirements, especially in low-light applications.

Digital CMOS


Digital CMOS cameras are designed to be a cost-effective, versatile solution for clinical, life science, materials science and educational professionals. The cameras are available from 1.3 to 9 megapixel resolutions all of which come with integrated image capture and analysis software.
The Si-3000 camera is a dedicated live feed imaging system with a high speed 3 megapixel 10 bit ½ sensor which outputs 12 frames per second @ 2048x1536 pixels or 27f.p.s @ 1280x1024 pixels which is typically 3 times faster than a CCD camera making it easier and faster to scan images in greater detail.

Digital SLR


Dedicated microscope digital cameras typically cost more for less resolution, but they have the advantage of being directly controlled by a computer.  They typically provide a better preview image, often with focusing aids, and the ability to acquire the image directly into various imaging software though a TWAIN or plug-in interface.

They are also recommended for their versatility, being useable both on and off of the microscope, and for the ease with which they can be moved from one microscope to another. 

Eyepiece Camera


Digital Eyepiece cameras from Ceti for use with conventional microscopes. These cameras simply slot into the ocular (eyepiece) of a conventional microscope.

Available in two different sizes, the 23mm ocular size is designed to fit all 23mm ocular microscopes; all PEL's current microscopes are this size. Secondly we have a 23/30mm model which fits both 23 and 30mm ocular sizes, these are the 2 most common sizes of oculars so will fit the majority of microscopes, but please check your microscope before purchasing, you can do this by removing the eyepiece and measuring the internal diameter (ideally with some vernier calipers).Both models have a USB output and a resolution of 1280x1024 pixels (1.3 megapixels).

The supplied capture software for Windows (or Macs OS 10.4 and above) enables the user to capture still images, real-time video and time-lapsed video streams quickly and easily.

i-Solution Image Analysis Software


The i-Solution family of software from Medline helps you to keep pace with today’s rapidly changing digital technology. This exceptional software technology and leading image analysis tool will streamline image capture, measurement and enhancement, whilst improving the accuracy of your results.

All versions combine revolutionary measurement and analysis technology with an exceptional, user-friendly interface. Become an expert in image analysis and optimize your work environment with this imaging software suite! This software is designed to receive images directly from various hardware sources. Keeping in tune with today’s rapidly changing digital camera technology, you can directly control digital cameras. IMT software also supports TWAIN and WDM Drivers, along with a wide variety of frame grabbers and i-LINK from Sony. The Time Lapse Capture tool offers accurate time interval analysis for video production for both analog and digital cameras. Movie recordings can be saved in AVI, MPG, MPEG, and MOV file formats.