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Midrics Complete Scale
Brand : Sartorius

Weighig capacity: 3-3,000kg. Resolution: 3,000e – 15,000d


Some Features

Multiple selection of weighing platform with 2 selection of indicators. Stainless Steel material (IP65). Optional Zone 2 and Zone 22 qualification. Multiple application software (Indicator dependent). Various selection of accessories.


There are hundreds of possible applications for an industrial scale, and not everyone needs a standard "off-the-rack" solution. Whatever, wherever, and however the Midrics® industrial scale can do it all:

You can order a complete scale, individual configurations, or separate modules. From 0.2 g to 3 t, verified or non-verified, with or without EX protection, Zone 2 and 22.


Weighing Capacity 3 - 3,000 kg
Max. Readability

verifiable : 3,000e, 2x3000e

Non-verifiable : 15,000d


Indicator : Stainless Steel (IP65)

Platform : Painted Steel (IP65) or Stainless Steel (IP67)

Operating Temperature

-10 to 40 Centigrade

Platform Size Multiple, Please see table below
Indicator 2 Selection, please see below

Indicator Selection

Midrics® Scale Indicator MIS 1
  • Display: backlit, 14-segment, 20 mm LCD for weight readouts
  • Optional RS-232, RS-485, RS-422, 4-20mA
Midrics® Scale Indicator MIS2
  • Display: backlit, 14-segment, 20 mm LCD for weight readouts, bar graph
  • Connection for bar code scanner; battery operation
  • Optional RS-232, RS-485, RS-422, 4-20mA, Digital I/O
  • Applications: weighing, counting, checkweighing, classification (into three or five classes), totalizing, net-total, weighing in percent, neutral measurement

Platform Selection

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