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Ultra-Micro/ Micro Balances Cubis
Brand : Sartorius

Ultramicro balances

Readability: 0.0001mg. Weighing Capacity: up to 2.1 g

Micro Balances

Readability: 0.001mg. Weighing Capacity: up to 6.1g


Some Features

Modular design to suit your every need. Multiple display unit available. Monolithic weigh cell. Q-level for automatic and easy leveling of the balance. Q-Pan to minimize off-centre loading.USP Compliance. isoCal function.


The Cubis® balance is one of the most highly advanced balance in the weighing industry. Providing you with unrivalled accuracy and precision combined with its state-of-the art technology such as the automatic Q-level, Q-pan, and isoCal function, the Cubis® series is a balance unlike any other. Its modular design paired with multiple choices of indicators and weighing modules equipped with wide range of weighing capacity and accuracy the Cubis® is guaranteed  to suit your every needs.

Some Highlighted Features of Cubis® Balances

  • SQ min function to determine minimum sample quantity according to USP.
  • Q-level for automatic leveling of weighing modules
  • Q-pan designed to minimize corner loading error
  • isoCal, automatic calibration function to ensure balance accuracy
  • Alibi memory (MSA and MSU model only)
  • Smooth and motorized draft-shield. IR-switch available for touch free opening and closing of draft shield (optional)
  • User management system
  • Built-in application software for checkweighing, totalizing, buoyancy determination, statistical calculation, counting, weighing in percent, time-controlled functions.


Weighing Capacity (g)


1.1-6.1 (model dependent)



Readability (mg)


0.001-0.005 (model dependent)



Weighing Pan Size (mm)


Diameter 30 or 50 (model dependent)


Diameter 20 or 50 (model dependent)

Operating Temperature (C) +5 - +40
Highest relative humidity 80 % for temperatures up to 31°C, decreasing linearly to 50 % relative humidity for 40°C
Data Interface RS232C
Draft Shield Manual or Motorized




The modular design provides you with three different head-unit modules, each with different specifications to suits your needs. Avilable weighing modules for Cubis balances are;

MSA Type

• Full color (adjustable) touch screen display
• Easy to use and navigate menu, especially for complex operations.
• Tiltable and removable display
• SD-card reader to store and transfer user data
• Ethernet connection


MSU Type

• Large, high resolution monochrome display
• Positive click action keys
• Tiltable and removable display
• SD-card reader to store and transfer user data
• Ethernet connection

MSE Type

• Large and high-contrast display
• Clearly structured keys for activation of functions

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