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Ultra-Micro/Micro/Semi-Micro Balances

Ultra-Micro/ Micro Balances Cubis
Brand : Sartorius

Ultramicro balances

Readability: 0.0001mg. Weighing Capacity: up to 2.1 g

Micro Balances

Readability: 0.001mg. Weighing Capacity: up to 6.1g


Some Features

Modular design to suit your every need. Multiple display unit available. Monolithic weigh cell. Q-level for automatic and easy leveling of the balance. Q-Pan to minimize off-centre loading.USP Compliance. isoCal function.

Micro Balances CPA
Brand : Sartorius

Readability: 0.001mg. Weighing Capacity: 6.1g


Some Features

isoCal function for automatic calibration to ensure high accuracy. High quality draft shield. Monolithic weight cell. Built in application software.

ME36S Micro Balance
Brand : Sartorius

This new ME36S microbalance features an exceptionally high weighing capacity of 31g and a readability of 1µg. The ME36S is designed for weighing the smallest sample quantities even in relatively heavy or bulky sample containers. The separate installation of weighing unit and display and/or electronic unit not only reduces thermal disturbances, but also delivers absolutely reliable weighing results. By virtue of its unique design, the ME36S display and weighing units are close enough for ideal operating convenience, with optimal spacing for ergonomic handling of microscopic sample quantities.