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Process Transmitter

Analogue Process Transmitter PR1590, 1591 Series
Brand : Sartorius

Analogue process transmitter especially designed to be used in industrial environment and are particularly suited for applications with hazardous areas (zone 1) like chemical, petrochemical and food industries. The application ranges from simple transmitter device to control system used in conjunction with PLC.


Analogue Process Transmitter MP20
Brand : Sartorius

Digital Weighing Transmitter PR1710/11
Brand : Sartorius

Flexible weighing transmitter designed for use in industrial environment. Multiple output mode starting from analog connection to bus system provide connection to suit any modern industrial process . For hazardous area applications Sartorius provide an intrinsically safe version with load cell connection with W&M approval for zone 1 and one application for zone 2 with W&M approval as well.


Digital Process Transmitter MP26
Brand : Sartorius

The MP 26 series of Digital Process Transmitters is designed to combine reliable weight information from process vessels with extremely easy operation and setup. A wide range of strain gauge load cells can be connected and output is provided in the common 4… 20 mA signal format. Front keys provide easy  access to all configuration and operation levels. The MP 26/10 engineering tool provides the same level of access via a comfortable PC-Program.


Filedbus Transmitter PR1720
Brand : Sartorius

The PR 1720 Fieldbus Transmitter has features that guarantees; integral process automation to meet highest weighing requirements, analogue, digital and bus-capable signals for automation systems, connection of several load cells directly to the transmitter and the possibility to operate the instrument and to monitor the weighing process locally.



Compact Filedbus Transmitter PR5210
Brand : Sartorius

The PR 5210 series of Digital Process Transmitters combine reliable and accurate weight acquisition with extremely easy operation and setup. The PR5210 is compact in design with easy access to all configuration and operation levels via the front serial interface.


Ethernet Transmitter 24V DC PR 5220
Brand : Sartorius

The PR5220 is a compact DIN-Rail mounted transmitter that offers both reliability and ease of use for weighing recording via DMS weigh cells.



Ethernet Transmitter PR5230 in Field Housing
Brand : Sartorius

The PR5230 is the most flexible transmitter  for readout and transmit weight values to installed networks and control systems. Multiple option cards are available to suit every industrial needs in terms of system connectivity. The robust stainless steel housing making it highly suitable for installation in industrial environment.