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Lab Water Purification

Lab Water System Accessories
Brand : Sartorius

Lab water system accessories. Dispense guns, additional tanks, water guards, conductivity meters or printers - Sartorius offers a broad range of accessories to enhance your daily work with the arium® lab water system.

Lab Water System Consumables
Brand : Sartorius

Consumables for lab water systems. From softener cartridges over sanitisation kits, ion exchange resins and RO-membranes to upgrade kits you find everything necessary for your daily work with arium® lab water systems.

Lab Water Pre-Treatment
Brand : Sartorius

Lab water pre-treatment systems for the production of highly deionised and softened water, free of magnesium and calcium. arium® 615DI cartridges contain highly effective ion exchange resins to remove cations and anions from the water by exchanging H+ and OH–. arium® 615S water softening systems are compact and mounted on four rollers. The lab water pre-treatment systems can be readiliy regenerated with sodium chlorine brine.

Type I Ultra Pure Water Systems
Brand : Sartorius

arium® pro Type I ultra pure water systems for the production of reagent-grade water needed for critical applications as well as routine analyses. Typical applications are the production of ultrapure water for cell culture or chromatographic applications. The type I ultra pure water systems are available in four different versions and can be ordered as wall-mounted unit, bench-top system or built-in system. arium® pro features a convincing innovative design, quality and ease of use.

Type II Pure Water System
Brand : Sartorius

Type II pure water systems for the production of ASTM type II water for general laboratory applications. With the combination of reverse osmosis, softening and electronic | chemical desalting the arium® EDI 61215 type II pure water system guarantees constant water quality. The device is available with different volumes and as benchtop or built-in system.

Type III Pure Water System
Brand : Sartorius

Type III pure water systems for the production of RO-Water for general laboratory applications and for applications requiring large volumes of RO water on demand. The efficient RO-membranes reduce water wastage and provide excellent product water quality. The compact arium® RO 61316 type III pure water system is the ideal choice for daily laboratory applications, the arium®613L reverse osmosis (RO) system is suited for applications with a high water consumption.