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Laboratory Waterbath

CW-Series Laboratory Bath Circulators
Brand : Medline

Heating Bath Circulators
External and internal circulating with powerful pumping capacity.
CW-G series is designed for controlling temperature in external instruments, or for immersion purposes. Pump has five adjustable pressure stages.

Refrigerated & Heating Bath Circulators
Rapid heating and cooling throughout the entire temperature range!
RW-G series has powerful circulation pump for external and internal circulating. The temperatures can be down to maximum -35℃ that maintain and control accurate low temperatures for use with Refractometers and Viscometers.

BW-Series Heating baths
Brand : Medline

Heating Baths (Economy)
Economical water bath series with complete temperature maintenance!
Especially BW-B/ H series has a patented agitating system that makes better temperature stability.

Heating Baths
Excellent temperature performance heating water baths for general-purpose use.
BW-G series features Microprocessor PID controls to guarantee exceptional temperature Variation and exclusive timer, programming function for critical research, quality control and regulatory testing!

BS-Series Shaking and Heating Baths
Brand : Medline

Reciprocal shaking heating baths.

BS series features a more accurate rapid shaking thanks to the noiseless and anti-vibration Brushless DC motor. The constant temperature performance keeps samples incubated, ideal for DNA, tissue, or cell culture applications.