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Dispensers and Bottle-top Dispensers

eLINE Lite Dispenser
Brand : Biohit

The automated liquid handling operation offers accurate and repetitive dispensing also with viscous, infectuous and high vapour pressure liquids.

The unique TipGuide selects and displays the most suitable tip size which saves time and eliminates the possibility of an incorrect tip selection.

eLINE Pro DIspenser
Brand : Biohit

eLINE Pro Dispenser offers you the most convenient and ergonomic approach to multiple dispensing. Automated operations guarentees accurate and repetitive dispensing also with viscous, infectuous and high vapour pressure liquids.

Biohit Mechanical Stepper
Brand : Biohit

The Biohit Mechanical Stepper is an easy-to-use positive displacement instrument which allows rapid multi-dispensing of pre-set volumes up to 48 times in succession without refilling.

The unit comes complete with an adapter for 25 ml and 50 ml syringes.

The Biohit Mechanical Stepper is compatible with various syringe brands.

Biohit Dispenser Tips
Brand : Biohit

The Dispenser Tip functions according to positive displacement principle, which allows for contamination-free dispensing and accurate results also with high vapour, viscous and foaming liquids.

Biohit Dispenser Tips are compatible with both eLINE dispenser and the Mechanical Stepper.

The tip is made of virgin polypropylene (tip) and polyethylene (plunger). They are DNase, RNase, ATP and Pyrogen free.

Prospenser Bottle-Top Dispenser
Brand : Biohit

The easy-to-use Prospensers deliver trouble-free and reliable dispensing of liquids including strong acids, bases and solvents.

All models are fitted with an anti-drip safety valve, a feature which guards against drips when the Prospenser is not in use. A fine adjustment mechanism allows even greater reproducibility for repeat dispensing. The Prospenser features easy-to-adjust calibration mechanism.

Unlike other bottle-top dispensers, Prospenser’s glass barrel can be disassembled from the pedestal for thorough cleaning. This also ensures that in the unlikely event of damage the glass barrel can be replaced as a spare part.

Proline Prospenser Bottle-Top Dispenser
Brand : Biohit

Proline Prospenser is an easy-to-use Bottle-Top Dispenser. It has been designed for trouble-free and reliable bottle-top dispensing of liquids, including concentrated acids, bases, saline solutions, as well as many organic solvents.

Biotrate Digital Burette
Brand : Biohit

The streamlined Biotrate Digital Burette and dispenser delivers accurate, precise and convenient bottle-top titration, as well as optimum operator safety. Available in sizes 0-30 ml and 0-50 ml.