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Electronic Pipettes

Picus Electronic Pipette
Brand : Sartorius

Meet Picus – the Red Dot awarded electronic pipette that eases your work load, protects you from injuries by ensuring optimal working posture and allows accurate and precise pipetting results!

Known as forerunner in liquid handling products with a long history in developing ergonomic, high quality pipettes, Sartorius has now set a completely new standard for electronic pipettes. A dedicated team of R&D and ergonomics professionals, together with laboratory personnel, has developed a new technology with your needs and well being in mind. The result is the most ergonomic and sophisticated pipette in the market for laboratory professionals who demand the highest quality, safety and reliability in their work.

eLINE Electronic Pipettes
Brand : Sartorius

The electronic Sartorius eLINE pipette from the Biohit family is the market leader in performance and ergonomics. This award winning (Pro Finnish Design 2001) pipette takes the effort out of pipetting and significantly reduces the risk of Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI).

The comprehensive range of pipetting programs in eLINE reduces the need for several work stages and enables you to dispense liquids twice as fast compared to a mechanical pipette. The unique DC-motor concept with build-in error control improves pipetting precision and allows more reliable results.

eLINE is available in single-channel models covering the volume range of 0.1 to 5000 μl and multichannel models from 0.2 to 1200 μl.

eLINE PCR Starter Kit
Brand : Sartorius

The unique eLINE PCR Starter Kit speeds up the work and prevents pipetting errors in small volumes. The eLINE Lite Dispenser together with the Sterile Sartorius Dispenser Tips is accurate and fast tool in dispensing PCR Master Mix to 96 well plates

eLINE PCR Starter Kit offers:

  • Pipettes for all standard pipetting volumes in PCR
  • Contamination free and safe PCR processes
  • Accurate and precise results
  • Twice faster MasterMix dispensing by using eLINE Lite Dispenser compared to manual pipetting
  • User-independent result