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Natural Convection Laboratory Oven

Natural Convection Oven
Brand : Daeyang ETS

Microprocess PID control / Auto-tuning/ Calibration
Corrosion-resistant incoloy sheath heater and STS #304 interior

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Gravity-flow convection with vertical airflow for uniform sample heating
Fully Insulated dual-wall door
Two circular adjustable vent Holes to control air vapor circulation


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ON-Series Laboratory Ovens
Brand : Medline

Natural Convection Ovens (Economic)
Full features performance for general purpose lab ovens.
ON-E series is a economical warm storage up to 220℃

Natural Convection Ovens
Ideal for high temperature storage with user-friendly design
ON-G series is used for all sterilization and drying tasks that do not require high drying rates or special time requirements, ideal for drying applications requiring a gentle airflow.