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Stereo and Stereoscopic Microscopes

Ster Fixed Magnification Stereo Microscopes
Brand : Medline

The Ster series of stereo microscopes are designed for educational use. They are particularly well suited to viewing specimens at low magnifications (fixed) with the use of halogen illumination.

Twin-7 Stereoscopic Zoom Microscopes
Brand : Medline

The Twin series of stereoscopic microscopes are designed for educational and professional use. They are particularly well suited to viewing specimens at low magnifications (with variable magnification) with the use of halogen illumination.

Star Fixed Magnification Stero Microscopes
Brand : Medline

The Star is a stereo microscope designed for educational and professional use. It is particularly well suited to viewing specimens at low magnifications and introduces the use of LED lighting into the stereo range of microscopes.

Steddy Stereoscopic Microscopes
Brand : Medline

The Steddy II is a stereoscopic zoom microscope with dual LED illumination and a single, sturdy focussing column unit. The diamond shaped base allows the hands to be rested on the base of the unit thus providing hand support for delicate operations or manipulation of the sample during examination.

Varizoom Sterescopic Microscopes
Brand : Medline

Supplied in binocular configuration with the option for the addition of a beam splitter arm to allow for attachment of a digital or video camera. The choice of zoom ratios ensures that the correct model can be selected for the required application supplied with  10x / 22mm super-field eyepieces as standard, both with dioptric compensation. Additional eyepieces and corrective planachromatic lenses allow for a total magnification range of 4x up to 320x (model dependant). The variable incident and transmitted LED light sources ensures that there is no heating of the sample when viewing live samples. The microscope comes complete with a frosted glass stage to allow use of both LED light sources.