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Precision Balances

Precision Balances Cubis
Brand : Sartorius

Readability:  up to 1mg. Weighing Capacity: up to 12.2kg


Some Features

Modular design to suit your every need. Multiple display unit available. Monolithic weigh cell. Q-level for automatic and easy leveling of the balance. Q-Pan to minimize off-centre loading.USP Compliance. Built in application software.

Precision Balance Secura
Brand : Sartorius

Readability: up to 1mg. Weigihing Capacity: up to 5,100 g

Some Features

isoCAL automatic calibration. USB connectivity. Active SQMin monitoring. GLP compliant printout. Password protection. Built-in application software. Sartorius LevelControl.

Precision Balances CPA
Brand : Sartorius

Readability: up to 1mg. Weighing Capacity: up to 34kg


Some Features

isoCal function for automatic calibration to ensure high accuracy. High quality draft shield. Monolithic weight cell. Built in application software.