Software Tools



Easy to connect over RS-232 to a standard PC

Graphic and spreadsheet evaluations of weight values (in Excel) also possible
for user-oriented display and processing on a PC or server

Connect a network of up to 31 workstations over RS-485 and xBPi to a PC

Connection to process logic controller through DDE System

OPC Server


OPC driver for all Minebea Intec laboratory balances and industrial scales that support the xBPI set of commands

Easy use in nearly all of today?s commonly used application development packages
OPC (OLE for Process Control) is the standard laboratory and process equipment interface

Connection through RS-232/RS-485 P2P or tunneled via Ethernet to a standard PC
suitable for running Windows 2000/XP®

Is supplied with sample applications for simple conformance testing
prior to use in your own application