Checkweigher Metal & Detector Combination

Flexus® Combi


Hygienic design for easy cleaning and the highest level of quality in your production operations. Safety and reliability thanks to EMFC load cell technology
Easy to combine with metal detection technology Vistus®. The ideal solution every time for your application configure Flexus® Combi



Weighing systems: 1.0 kg, 2.0 kg, 5.0 kg or 7.0 kg. Display scale divisions 0.1 g to 1g. 3 display and control units: 6.4" TFT, 10.4" TFT or 15" TFT with touch screen
Max. throughput 200pcs/min. Aperture width of the coils for metal detection: 225, 275 or 375 mm. Aperture height of the coil for metal detection: working height 110 max.