Vessels and Silos Scales

Compression Load Cell Inteco


The versatile, innovative weighing solution for silo and vessel weighing

Further development of the PR 6201 load cell

NEW: Output signal of 2 mV/V

NEW: additional load levels 60 t and 75 t

NEW: Accuracy class (C6) from 3 t

NEW: even higher corrosion resistance

Contego Weighing Module


Preassembled weighing module, including load cell, integrated constrainer

and lift-off protection saving installation time

EHEDG-certified product

Integrated jack-up function to quickly lift the vessel without hydraulic lifters

Sophisticated sealing technology ensures an optimum hygienic design

Weighing Module Novego


Hygienic weighing module ensures efficient cleaning

Quick and easy commissioning due to smart add-on parts

High degree of process reliability and precision thanks to the

innovative side-force-resistant system

Durable, reliable weighing solution with excellent corrosion resistance

Compression S-Type Load Cell PR 6241


Ultra-high precision load cell for batching applications

Corresponding mounting kits

Load cell capacity range from 100 kg to 5 t

Accuracy class: 0.04 % - 0.008 %